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Blade Runner 2049 (OV)

24. April 2018 - 21:00 - 00:00

20180424__Blade Runner 2049_OV
++ This movie will screen in the original language version without subtitles. // Dieser Film wird in der englischen Originalfassung ohne Untertitel gezeigt.++


In 2049, 30 years after the events of the first Blade Runner movie, bioengineered and cultured humans, so-called replicants, are still the workforce of society. They work as Blade Runners which are officers which „retire“, but basically kill, rogue replicants. Officer K (Ryan Gosling) is such a Blade Runner who successfully carries out his retirements. One day he discovers proof that a female replicant gave birth to a child, which was thought to be impossible. He receives the order to track down and kill that child to prevent a war between humans and replicants. During the hunt for the child, K gets in touch with the resistance. He starts to realize what the existence of such replicant-born children could possibly mean. But these concerns not only affect the child without identity but also the resistance and all the replicants, including himself.

With Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve takes on the unique atmosphere of the original movie and presents a detailed view of the injustice in the new world order. Ryan Gosling achieves a great acting performance as Officer K. Special difficulty in this movie was to adequately express the growing inner conflict of K as he is lacking in emotions due to his bioengineered nature.

Ermäßigt/Reduced: 3€

Regulär/Regular: 4€


Titel: Blade Runner 2049
Produktion: USA, UK, Hungary, Canada / 2017
Regisseur: Denis Villeneuve
Musik: Benjamin Wallfisch, Hans Zimmer
Schauspieler: Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas, Harrison Ford
Technik: Farbe / 164 Minuten
Trailer: Youtube


24. April 2018
21:00 - 00:00


Helmholtzplatz 2
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